Stocking Stuffers From Glamorous Cosmetics

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glamorouscosmetics Stocking Stuffers From Glamorous Cosmetics

The folks at Glamourous Cosmetics recently sent me a selection of products that I think will make great stocking stuffers this year! In my package, I received the following:

Party in a Bottle Polish ($7.00)
I Dream of Green Polish ($7.00)
Come Together Lipstick ($6.00)
Gun Show Shadow Stick ($6.00)

glamorouspartynails Stocking Stuffers From Glamorous Cosmetics

I absolutely LOVE the nail polish. I only have shades of lime green so the I Dream of Green is a great addition to my polish collection. I love the shade and the way it shimmers. It’s almost like there’s fine not so shiny glitter inside. Party in a Bottle can get me in trouble. I love glitters, but I have to use them every once and a while because we all know how hard it is to remove glitter from our nails. This is my year to do more glitter so I will take the extra time to remove it from my nails.Aristotle in a Bottle will be my next glitter purchase.

glamorousgunshadowstick Stocking Stuffers From Glamorous Cosmetics

Next up, we have the Come Together Lipstick. It’s a pretty natural pink that I just love. It’s a perfect color for everyday wear. Now, I’ve never heard of eye shadow sticks, seriously where have they been or where have I been rather? They make doing my eyes so much easier. Take the top off and apply. In the photo above, I went over my lid’s lash line area with the Gun Shadow stick to highlight the blue shadow and copper shadows I had previously applied. Super pretty. I am pleased with the contents of my Glamorous care package. I will definitely keep Glamorous Cosmetics on my radar especially when I’m looking for new nail colors. They have over 100 colors to choose from! Oh my goodness.

Side Note: For those looking for all-natural cosmetics, the shadow stick and lipstick do contain parabens, but their polish is free of toluene, phthalate and formaldehyde. My entire nail polish collection is 3-free, but my makeup collection is still a work in progress. I do my nails way more than I wear makeup so any questionable ingredients that make it to my face are in moderation. Like I said, I’m working on it.

BUY IT: All products mentioned can be found online at Shipping is $5 Worldwide, so be sure to load up!

productdisclose Stocking Stuffers From Glamorous Cosmetics

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