Walmart Layaway Available Sept. 16 – Dec. 14

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Walmart Holiday Layaway 490x212 Walmart Layaway Available Sept. 16   Dec. 14

Layaway at Walmart is back and 30 days earlier than last year! Last year, millions of Americans relied on Walmart layaway to provide a great Christmas for their families. Because of consumer feedback, Walmart is offering the service again, making it better than ever.

Walmart Layaway will be available nationwide Sept. 16 through Dec. 14, which will give families an extra month to pay off their purchases, more merchandise to choose from an overall better value. Walmart has worked with its suppliers to ensure the holiday season’s top electronics and toys are available in time for its mid-September layaway launch.

Walmart’s layaway program, coupled with everyday low prices and Ad Match program will ensure customers get more Christmas for their money this holiday.

Walmart Christmas Layaway Overview

Available nationwide Sept. 16 through Dec. 14, layaway at Walmart will give families 90 days to shop, pay and stretch their paychecks further this holiday season. Layaway features at Walmart include:

- An expanded list of eligible categories, including small home appliances and select sporting goods such as basketball goals, trampolines and large exercise equipment. Customers can also use layaway for a broad selection of electronics, toys and jewelry.

- Early layaway access for shoppers who like their local Walmart store on Facebook. Customers simply need to sign up on their local Walmart Facebook page to be able to start their layaway on Sept. 14.

walmartlayaway2012 Walmart Layaway Available Sept. 16   Dec. 14

Individual items must be priced $15 or more, and the total layaway purchase must be at least $50. If the order is cancelled or not paid in full, the open fee is not refunded; however, no additional cancellation fee will be charged. Layaway open fees and refunds may vary by state.

I am a member of the Walmart Moms program. Walmart is compensating me for sharing this announcement. All words and opinions are my own.

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2 Comments on "Walmart Layaway Available Sept. 16 – Dec. 14"

  1. Mary Beth Elderton September 17, 2012 at 8:37 am ·

    I’m thrilled to see layaway plans! I was a single mom with a son whose birthday is in December, so I started shopping about this time of year for birthday and holiday. There was absolutely no sense hiding things at home–he was sure to find them–and starting in the Fall allowed me to collect nicer things without killing the tight budget or ending up with credit card bills (I had plenty of those already!)

    • Sheena September 17, 2012 at 4:27 pm ·

      My husband and I both have December birthdays so we know all about the scramble to buy for both birthday and the holiday season. I’m due with #2 Thanksgiving Day so early layaway is going to be such a huge help. I’m already building a wishlist for our 4 year old so we can start a Walmart Layaway so we won’t have to worry about shopping during the madness.

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