Mad Style Khaki 24/7 Handbag

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twistedorchidbag 279x300 Mad Style Khaki 24/7 Handbag My name is Sheena and I have an obsession with large handbags. When I first got into purses in high school, I bought small ones with enough room for my wallet, phone, keys, and a few cosmetics and snacks. Now, my bags are 4 times the size and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I try and I try to condense my purse load, but I just can’t. I need to be prepared at all times with makeup, lotion, gum, large wallet, keys, phone, wipes, spare shoes (rollups), digital camera, coupons, snacks, hair ties, first aid, and any toys, creams, and backup “whatevers” for Jayden. I keep some of everything in my purse.

twistedorchidmadstyle Mad Style Khaki 24/7 Handbag

Mad Style sent me one of their new Fall releases; the Khaki 24/7 from the Lifestyle Collection. This faux leather bag is large and in charge according to Mad Style! It’s so spacious! There are lots of little compartments inside of the purse, perfect for separating cosmetics, cellphone, and personal items. It’s pretty much impossible to lose anything in the 24/7… unless you just have alooooooot of stuff. The 24/7 can be worn as a handbag or shoulder bag. It comes with an attachable shoulder strap. Belt straps rise up to meet the purse handles, bows adorn the sides, left and right. No, I did not copy and paste that last line from the product description, btw. It’s totally freestyled.

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I don’t want to kill the mood here, but I do want to address the exterior zipper. Maybe I’m just being a zipper snob, but I wish the zipper was heaver and the teeth were thicker. I love heavy zipper hardware. I’ve never had a thick zipper quit on me, but I usually have thinner zippers want to unzip backwards, so that’s why it’s a concern. Other than that, it’s a great bag, I just need to steam it out a bit. I have added the Khaki 24/7 to my bag collection… happily. Now, I just need a matching pair of boots.

Edit: I decided to give this bag to my mother since I’ve acquired 3 new bags since this post 0:-).

6333910133 f656e8e98d z Mad Style Khaki 24/7 Handbag

BUY IT: $59.00 – Free shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S.!

productdisclose Mad Style Khaki 24/7 Handbag

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    Love this thank you!!!

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