BEARPAW Shoes Grace Sheepskin Boots

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graceboot BEARPAW Shoes Grace Sheepskin Boots Every Winter for about 6 years, I’d break out my favorite pair of fuzzy boots with tassels. Well, last Winter they decided they had had enough and started soaking up moisture. I couldn’t stand the feeling on cold slush in my boots, so I ran into Target to pick up another pair. The new pair were practical, but I’ve missed my fur and tassels. It’s just something about a furry boot with tassels that really gets me in the spirit of Winter.

I was offered to try a pair of boots from BEARPAW Shoes. I chose the Grace Boots… ladies, these are some serious Winter boots! The outer portion of the boots are made with cow suede and multi-knit wool. Sheepskin and wool line the inside of the boots. The calf is adjustable by loosening or tightening the laces. Tassels adorn the laces which satisfy my love for detail. The Grace Boot hugs my feet like no other. I usually wear a size 8.5, but because the inner lining is so thick, I opted for a size 9 which fits perfect! When walking in Grace, I know that they are not going to wear out on me. They are well insulated and made of quality materials. They are such gorgeous, durable boots.

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We recommend that all sheepskin and suede products be sprayed with a sheepskin stain & water repellent before worn. This will prevent dirt and oil from soaking into the sheepskin or suede and will trap dirt on the surface, making the cleaning process easier. Stain and water repellent is very helpful and effective, the spray will put a protective sealer over the upper to keep the dirt and grease out. This should enhance the life of the shoe.

I told you these were serious Winter boots! I’ve ordered my kit because I don’t want to ruin these babies. Now all I need is hearty snow to test them out in!

BUY IT: $75.00

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