Playskool Alphie & Data Bot {Giveaway: 12/2/2011}

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vintagealphie Playskool Alphie & Data Bot {Giveaway: 12/2/2011} Growing up, I remember Alphie … I never had one, but some of my friends did. So when Playskool offered to send me, um… Jayden an Alphie, I was super excited! Jayden loves what he calls, his “roobot”. He’s a cool little companion. Alphie’s functions are so simple, yet ingenious. All Jayden has to do is pop in one of Alphie’s 30 double-sided flash cards and Alphie will read it and interact with him through various educational activities. Alphie’s LCD screen that mimics facial expressions, his friendly, robotlike voice, and words of encouragement make learning fun!

Alphie has been know for its durability, however, I would suggest that the flash cards be made of a sturdy plastic because small children can be rough on them. Jayden has already bent up quite a few of his cards. Other than that, we have a keeper. Did I mention that batteries are included? Yes!

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6341445605 4062d9ba4a Playskool Alphie & Data Bot {Giveaway: 12/2/2011} Alphie’s got friends! Playskool also sent over one of their new Alphie Data Bots. Deci-Bot is a miniature robot, perfect for having while on-the-go. Deci-Bot specializes in teaching children how to count. He operates on two modes; Explore Mode and Find It Mode. He’s just as friendly (and loud) as Alphie. We keep him in the car to occupy Jayden during long waits. Deci-Bot comes loaded with batteries as well!

How would you like to win Alphie and Deci-Bot? Enter the giveaway below!

BUY ALPHIE: $39.99
BUY DECI-BOT: $14.99

productdisclose Playskool Alphie & Data Bot {Giveaway: 12/2/2011}

Win a Playskool Alphie & Data Bot!

Giveaway ends on 12/02/2011 at 12:01am EST. Giveaway open to US only. Standard giveaway rules apply. Comments don’t count as entries, just fill out the Rafflecopter widget! Good luck!

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  1. cyndi pagliaro November 16, 2011 at 6:28 pm ·

    I love these guys! Will be some lucky little persons gift this Christmas.

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