Waterpik EcoFlow Showerhead

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waterpikecoflow Waterpik EcoFlow Showerhead I have been slacking in the sustainability department lately, reverting back to some regular cleaning products because they work better, using disposable dishes because I was tired of doing the dishes by hand because the dishwasher wasn’t working, and taking my time in the shower. Run on!

Since Walmart challenge me to find a product instore to help me with my sustainable efforts, I decided to replace our old shower head. It was a piece of junk and obviously not eco-friendly, so it got the boot and the Waterpik EcoFlow Shower Head took it’s place. Now I can feel less guilty about spending extra time in the shower. It’s the next best thing I’ve done to conserve water next to scoring an HE washer and dryer. You can read about those [here].

The Waterpik EcoFlow reduces water consumption by up to 28 percent. Score! It has six spray settings, including pulsating massage, full-body spray, combo sprays, center spray, and water pause. All controlled by the easy to use spray control ring. I only use two settings though; the full-body spray (for regular shower) and center spray (powerful for washing my hair). The rest of the settings I don’t care for. The water pressure is at its best at full-body and center spray settings. It’s not a huge issue for me since I didn’t buy the shower head for its spray settings, but it would be nice if all six of them would worked superbly (could be my water pressure) or if the shower head was made with just the two settings that I use. Aside from that, I’d like to see that the entire shower head be made of chrome. It’s a plastic with a faux chrome finish. I like to feel luxurious :). The fact that the head can be tilted upward to simulate a rain water shower head makes up for it though.

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The Waterpik EcoFlow Showerhead is leaps and bounds better than what we had. It’s functional and reduces our water consumption, all of what I was really looking for, but I had to critique it a bit :).

BUY IT: $24.88

productdisclose Waterpik EcoFlow Showerhead

I am a participant in theĀ Walmart Moms program. Walmart is compensating me to share my sustainable pick with you. All opinions and words are always my own.

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