Stocking Stuffers at Walmart

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I’ll admit, I’m not very clever when it comes to stuffing stockings. Since Jayden will be receiving quite a few wants for Christmas, I wanted to make sure that his stocking was filled with things that he needed and things that he’d enjoy (and not break) for a while. He really needed some socks and underwear, so those were the first items on my list. He loves Thomas & Friends, so I picked up a pack of Thomas & Friends undies along with his socks. I really didn’t want to put toys in his stocking, but I couldn’t help but notice a mini helicopter in the toy aisle. Helicopters are Jayden’s new interest, so I couldn’t pass it up. I also wanted to get him an ornament so while browsing the ornaments, I found a Thomas & Friends ornament. On the way to checkout, I found a little plush sock puppy and picked it up more so to decorate his stocking for years to come.

Thomas Ornament – $4.50
Puppy Plush – $2.97
Toy Helicopter – $5.97
Socks – $3.88
Thomas & Friends Briefs – $10.94

The total with tax came out to $31.02. Walmart challenged me to stuff a stocking for $25 and while I did go over, this is an idea of what can be purchased in the $25-$30 price range give or take a little.

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What’s in your family’s stockings?

I am a member of theĀ Walmart Moms program. Walmart is compensating me for sharing this experience with you. All words are my own.

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