Holiday Zippo Candle Lighter Collection

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I enjoy scented candles all year ’round, but when it comes to lighting them, I’m not so prepared. I light my new jar candles with a mini lighter and as the wick begins to shorten, I always have a problem lighting them. I’ve lit longer wicks and even thin rolls of paper to light the wicks of candle deep inside jars. Ridiculous, right? I knew I needed a candle lighter, but I didn’t see it as a priority. It always slipped my mind while out shopping.

Zippo has a new line of candle lighters out called Flames With Flair. For the holidays, they have a super cute red snowflake patterned candle lighter. Zippo sent me one of their snowflake candles lighters and I’m loving it. Aside from the fact that I am no longer lighting my candles ghetto-fabulously, it’s sleek, durable, and very easy to use. It’s festive design puts me in the holiday spirit each time I use it. All of the Flames With Flair candle lighters have a child safety button on the back for sneaky little hands, a fuel supply window to refill butane (butane tank included), and an adjustable flame dial. Each patterned lighter comes in a stylish gift box, perfect for stuffing into stockings!

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BUY IT: $14.95

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