Sunbeam Microplush Heated Electric Warming Blanket

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sunbeamblanket Sunbeam Microplush Heated Electric Warming BlanketThe temperatures have dropped and it’s time to break out the heating blankets! Energy costs have skyrocketed and if we’re not careful, we can end up paying a pretty penny this year. Because of this, we wait as long as possible to fire up the furnace. It has to be below zero before we turn it on and even then we’re probably upstairs (where it’s warmer), utilizing space heaters.

Although upstairs, our bedroom tends to get a little chilly, maybe it’s because it’s towards the back of the house? Anywho. At night, I’ve been sleeping under my Sunbeam Microplush heating blanket on the low heat setting to ease the chill. I don’t like to sleep in heavy PJs (I sweat and get tangled up in them, lol), so the warmth from the Sunbeam Microplush is just perfect. I’m sure that I’ll be turning it up as the weather continues to drop.

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The Sunbeam Microplush has two LCD controllers, one for each half of the blanket, with 10 heat settings. Greg refuses to sleep under it because he gets hot easily, but if he did, he could control his side kinda like those cool Sleep Number Beds ;-). The Sunbeam Microplush also automatically shuts off after 10 hours and senses and adjusts to deliver consistent warmth while sleeping. Have I mentioned how super soft the Sunbeam Microplush is? Well, it is and I’m sure it will get even softer with every wash. I, however, haven’t washed it yet. It’ a bit of a process and I have to time it perfectly or else I may be without my heating blanket for the night. Oh nos! It can’t be in the dryer for long, so it must air dry. I do recommend washing it before use because the color may bleed onto the sheets. Besides that and being a little intimidated to wash my buttery soft, luxurious heating blanket, I love it! Get one, you’ll thank me later!

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Special thanks to my hubby/photography guinea pig! LOL!

BUY IT: $99.99 – $139.99 for Queen-size

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