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6542819097 8725cdce94 m ZAZOO Multimedia Photo Clock I was offered the opportunity to review a ZAZOO Photo Clock and what I thought to be an over-the-top clock with bells and whistles turned out to be so much more! The bells and whistles actually come in handy! This little clock… I just don’t even know where to start. The ZAZOO Photo Clock is more than a photo clock. It’s a clock, a photo frame, a video and MP3 player. Through it’s built in photos, it teaches children when to go to bed and when to wake up. There’s even a setting for naps. The clock is totally customizable (it even has a remote control), so I can upload photos of Jayden sleeping or waking up or I can design my own images in Photoshop and upload them to the frame. I can even upload his favorite songs and set them to be his alarm.

The ZAZOO Photo Clock has defintely taught Jayden that he has to settle down when the “moon comes out” and sleep until the “sun comes out”. He is so into his clock, he gets a kick announcing when the sun and the moon comes out and he’s even recites time accurately! As I mentioned before, the ZAZOO Photo Clock is also a video and MP3 player. All custom images, videos, and MP3′s can be upload directly to the frame via SD card, USB cord or USB flash drive. The sound and video quality is excellent! Jayden loves listening to music, so now he can have his own little jam session in his room. I am VERY pleased with The ZAZOO Photo Clock. It exceeded my expectations! This brilliant little clock will get lots of love even as he enters his teens!

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BUY IT: $89.99

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