Adorable Kinders: Diverse Rag Dolls

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adorablekindersragdoll2 Adorable Kinders: Diverse Rag Dolls

This review was written Winter of 2009. We still love Adorable Kinders!

Adorable Kinders is a diverse line of plush Rag Dolls that I absolutely adore. There are a total of 26 dolls, one for each letter of the alphabet, and many skin tones and hair styles to choose from. They are just too cute for words. Each doll comes with a certificate and has a special trait. Jayden’s new buddy, Zachary, is said to remember everything. Children can go online to register their dolls and play games at the eSchool. When all of the games for a grade level are successfully completed, the child then graduates to the next grade.

Adorable Kinders rag dolls are a mother’s dream. Aranza, creator of Adorable Kinders, and her eldest son worked relentlessly crafting the dolls and testing them at events. Just when their efforts started to pay off, her son, Ivan, passed away from an unnoticed heart condition. Aranza’s doll business was put on hold for a couple of years until being asked to make a a doll as a birthday gift. After a great response and words of encouragement, she decided to start up her business again, for Ivan.

Adorable Kinders dolls are manufactured in Winter Springs, Florida. The factory has created local jobs and a high demand for their award winning products. Adorable Kinders have designed dolls for Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard. They’ve also been featured on ABC’s the View. To learn more about Adorable Kinders rag dolls and accessories, visit

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productdisclose Adorable Kinders: Diverse Rag Dolls

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