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Nowali Spring Moccasins Nowali Moccasins

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Let me confess, Jayden isn’t a fan of socks. He snatches them off every chance that he gets. But for some reason, he did not dismiss his Swedish froggie moccasins sent from Nowali. Could it be because they are visually stimulating? I think so! Nowali moccasins are hand-stitched with non-skid slipper bottoms. Like socks, they fit snug and are machine washable. They are also free from harmful dyes or substances.

Usually, Jayden will snatch off his socks to scratch his feet, leaving them behind on the floor. Well, when I replaced his socks with his moccasins, he DID take them off. However, he let me rub some eczema ointment on his feet and THEN he went to retrieve the moccasins. He ASKED me (in toddlerspeak) to put them back on. I thought to myself, “Whaaat, since when do you want to put your socks back on? Oh wait, these aren’t your everyday white socks with grey heels…

Check out Jayden in his froggie moccasins. Don’t tell him he isn’t cool.

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