Sleepy Wrap Baby Carrier

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This review was written summer of ’08 when my little guy was only 3 months old!

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Jayden is one baby who doesn’t appreciate being layed down. If you do so much as to tilt him, he will begin to fuss. Although he loves his bouncer, he will only tolerate it for so long. So when he refuses to nap on his own or sit in his bouncer, we use the Sleepy Wrap.

The Sleepy Wrap has become an essential that we use for hours each day. I can just pop him in the Sleepy Wrap, continue working at my desk, or picking up around the house. Jayden could be disgruntled one minute and knocked out within minutes of resting in the wrap. If he wakes up to nurse, I don’t even have to remove him. I’m able to discreetly nurse him while he rests inside. I’m certain Jayden feels safe knowing he is attached to me and I have the joy of watching my little guy peacefully chuckle and snort while he sleeps.

The Sleepy Wrap is very comfortable to wear. It’s made of a fabric that resembles stretchy cotton jogging pants; like a heavy cotton knit with a touch of spandex. The Sleepy Wrap supports my back and Jayden’s bottom well. There’s no skin chaffing, muscle tearing, or straining of the back involved when wearing this baby.

The Sleepy Wrap is durable and machine washable. Ours goes through the occasional spit up and poop session, so it has been through many wash cycles. The Sleepy Wrap is such a great investment. It wouldn’t hurt to have more than one on hand. They come in twelve colors which should match any outfit. Since I wear a lot of browns, that is the color that I chose. My next choice would have been grey. The Sleepy Wrap serves us well. It is certainly a must-have for babywearing mamas, papas, and munchkins.

BUY IT: $39.95

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