Bumbleride Movement Edition + Indie Review

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Bumbleride is releasing a new line of fabric sets (for classic model strollers) this spring called Movement Edition which features water-resistant sport fabrics, SPF 45 sun canopies and striking color combinations. This collection was inspired by and designed for the active, action/sports lifestyle and has a very unique and sophisticated look when compared to other strollers in the industry.

The collection will be shipping in April and featured in two colors- Jet, a sleek black; and Fog, a warm grey. It will be fitted on our Indie (all-terrain model), Indie Twin (double all-terrain model) and Flite (lightweight/umbrella model).

bumblerideMovement 1 610x812 Bumbleride Movement Edition + Indie Review

Bumbleride Indie Stroller Review

Speaking of the Indie, here’s a review I’ve written of the Bumbleride 2009 Indie. It’s still a great stroller!

 Bumbleride Movement Edition + Indie Review

bumblerideindiestroller 226x300 Bumbleride Movement Edition + Indie Review I love products that are multifunctional and can be used even as a child grows older. From cribs to car seats to strollers, I’ve decided to put a special focus on products that “go with the grow”, when possible.

The folks over at Bumbleride sent us the Bumbleride Indie to review. We chose black (lava) because it is gender neutral and the color attracts less dirt. This stroller has so many neat features. I’ll work my way from top to bottom.

The Bumbleride Indie has a multi-adjustable handle that extends and adjusts to a position that is most comfortable to the parent pushing the stroller. It’s kind of difficult trying to press the knobs on the side while adjusting the handle at the same time. I don’t intend on adjusting the handle on a regular basis, but it would help if the process was easier.

The Bumbleride Indie utilizes a removable rear canopy panel. This gets the air flowing throughout the stroller while providing more shade during hot summer days. There’s also a neat peekaboo window on top of the canopy to keep an eye on little ones when they are sleeping. A small pouch below the peekaboo window holds small items such as lip balm, a cellphone, and keys. And who could forget about the cup holder? Most strollers have them. The Bumbleride Indie’s cupholder can be attached to either side of the stroller near the handle and twists away when not in use.

I appreciate the fact that the seat can be adjusted to lay almost completely flat or just enough to suit the comfort of the child riding along; but how it’s done, not so much. The seat reclines and inclines by adjusting a drawstring-like set up beneath the seat. I wouldn’t expect something so simple on a high end stroller. It’s a little funky to deal with. The multi-adjustable footrest adjusts to suit an infant or taller toddler. Now that adjusts with ease.

The Bumbleride Indie has a pretty nice sized storage basket for diaper bag and other family essentials. There’s one thing that I don’t like to do while out and about (especially in the heat), and that’s having to be weighed down with bags. So having enough storage below is very important.

The front wheel swivels a full 360° which is perfect for maneuvering through awkward spaces, though the width of the back end may make it difficult in tight situations. The front wheel can also be locked inline for walking or jogging. Speaking of locking, there is a one-step rear brake which locks the stroller in a parked position. The brake is spread across the back of the stroller, making it easier to nudge with your foot.

We kept our previous stroller on smooth pavement whenever possible. We were afraid to take it through piles of dirt and rocks because we were afraid of damaging the wheels. The Bumbleride Indie is equipped with miniature inflated tires and rear suspension so that it can take on any terrain.

When the Bumbleride Indie isn’t in use, it collapses smoothly and stores away without taking up much space in our storage closet. I should mention that it does take up a deal of trunk space, but it isn’t an issue since we don’t need the stroller for everyday activities.

Now, I’ve heard of some issues with some infant carseats not fitting correctly when using the adapter bar. Since we gave our infant carseat away, we were unable to test out this feature. If in doubt, I’d suggest giving the stroller a test run with your infant carseat before purchasing.

The Bumbleride Indie is definitely a stroller that will be in our family for years. Since it is a higher end stroller, I suggest treating it like an heirloom. The more kiddos who get to ride in it, the better :-).

The Bumbleride Indie comes standard with: air pump, cup holder, jogging strap, rain cover, headrest, shoulder pads, infant seat adapter bar & safety belt

The Bumbleride Indie is compatible with the following infant car seats: Graco Snugride, Graco Snugride 32, Graco Safeseat, Chicco Keyfit, Chicco Keyfit 30, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP

BUY IT: $398

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