Crocs Chameleons Crocband Gust Boots

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Back in May, we had the chance to put the Translucent Clogs by Crocs Chameleons to the test and they are still a favorite! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Crocs Chameleons line, they are a fun line of styles that change colors when exposed to sunlight or specific temperatures. For Winter, Crocs is offering Gust Boots featuring a band that changes temperatures below 50° F. We received the Navy/Lime style and the band defaults to white and changes to blue in cold temperatures. The Fuchsia/Bubblegum band defaults to a bubblegum color and changes to red in cold temperatures. Pretty cool!

The Gust Boots are another favorite of ours. I appreciate how lightweight they are. They aren’t bulky and clunky like most Winter boots for the kiddos. The top of the boots are made of a durable nylon with fill for warmth and are lined with cozy sweatshirt material. Rubber outsole pods provide additional traction and grip on the bottom of the boots. The Gust Boots are also designed with an easy velcro strap making stepping in and out of them a breeze! Crocs continues to amaze me. They take fun and functionality and create shoes both kiddos and parents love. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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BUY IT: $49.99 at and $33.99 at

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