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brownsandalsmileyshooshoos ShooShoos Brown Sandal Smiley

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We were first introduced to ShooShoos during the holiday season of 2008 when we reviewed a pair of their soft soled baby shoes. They were essential. With Jayden being so wiggly, I appreciated having the elasticized ankle which made them easy to slip on – and they stayed on all day! They are still in excellent condition, we’ve put them away for our next. Let’s pause for a quick trip in the way back machine. Look at those chunky thighs! Nom nom nom!

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He’s since grown quite a bit! He’s certainly passed rolling and crawling his way through the house. He’s now darting wherever those lil’ toddler legs take him. I can’t believe he’ll be two THIS MONTH. While he was busy growing right before my eyes, Shooshoos had been busy working on their new line of Smiley toddler shoes.

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We received a pair of the Brown Sandal Smileys. They feature the same elasticized ankle as the soft soled baby shoes, but they have rubberized non-slip soles. When seeing the elasticized ankle, I was reminded of baby shoes. I wondered if Jayden would look slightly younger in them. After slipping them on with ease, I was pleased to see that he still looked like a mature little boy. Now that the weather has warmed up, he’ll be sporting his Smiley’s frequently. We can never keep him in socks or shoes, so hopefully he’ll enjoy airing out his miniature tootsies.

My love for Shooshoos continues to grow. Their shoes are of excellent quality. They are flexible and lightweight, perfect for my active toddler. They are priced reasonably and they often have great sales. I can vouch for the ShooShoos motto, they really do provide simply the best for growing feet.

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Jayden vacuuming grass in his Shooshoos.

BUY IT: $24.95 – I’ve seen other styles as low at $10.95!

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