TrendyKid Archie Alien Travel Buddies

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6418048761 3d35854a9d TrendyKid Archie Alien Travel Buddies I was recently introduced to a new line of kids luggage; Travel Buddies from TrendyKid. I absolutely fell in love and knew that I just had to feature them in my gift guide! Travel Buddies are a light weight, hard-shell luggage pair that feature fun designs that kids absolutely love. Travel Buddies are available in four different styles; Archie Alien, Pom Panda, Lola Ladybug, and Percy Penguin. TrendyKid sent Jayden the Archie Alien set and he is thrilled to have them – especially his little backpack!

Each Travel Buddies set consists of a matching upright 18″ wheelie carry on suitcase and 12″ backpack. The wheelie case is designed with a polyester lining with dividing pocket, zip compartment, and garment strips. The wheelie case has a carry handle and retractable pull handle that adjusts to both adult and child heights. We were able to fit four days worth of clothes and toiletries in the wheelie with no problem. Just a note, the photo below was taken before a local Thanksgiving trip, hence the larger portions of creams and hair mist. I am very well aware of the 3-1-1 rule! Ha!

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The backpack is designed with adjustable back straps, inner zip compartment, and velcro sides to keep items secure from falling out. The backpack is perfect for Jayden’s MobiGo, V.Reader, small toys, and other belongings.

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During our recent trip to New York, we got so many compliments on his luggage – even a TSA agent commented on how cute they were and asked me where to purchase them. I think I need to be carrying around business cards :). Travel Buddies are an exceptional luggage pair. Yes, they are a novelty, but really make traveling more enjoyable for kids. I can’t wait until we have a little girl, she is totally getting the Ladybug set! Be sure to join TrendyKid’s Facebook page for a chance to win a pair of Travel Buddies for yourself!

travelbuddies TrendyKid Archie Alien Travel Buddies

BUY IT: $89.99 – use code OMGG20% for a 20% discount!

TrendyKid Travel Buddies luggage sets are sold through,, Colorado Bag’n Baggage, Luggage Plus, and Dillard’s.

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