Guidecraft Magneatos Better Builders

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magneatos3 Guidecraft Magneatos Better Builders

Guidecraft is home to 850 educational toys and beautifully crafted wood furnishings, which allow children’s minds and imaginations room to truly wonder and grow. We are big fans of Guidecraft as all of their products live up to their mission and make playtime and learning fun!

We were able to get our hands on one of Guidecraft’s newest products; Magneatos Better Builders! Jayden absolutely loves building so these were right up his alley. Magneatos are magnet embedded rods and balls that help children discover principles of science, construction, and engineering while developing their creativity skills. Magneatos sets include an activity guide which explores magnet science and provides sample building models for all ages. Jayden loves flipping through the pages and recreating the examples. He gets so excited at his finished products. He’s always showing us his latest creations.

8067791653 eb510d2ea9 Guidecraft Magneatos Better Builders

Magneatos are one toy that I don’t mind being all over the floor because cleanup is a breeze. I think I was most excited about this 0:-). Most of the rods and balls magnetize when gathering them all together, which make them easy to put back into the included storage bin. Guidecraft has done it again with another fantastic product. We are thrilled with Magneatos and foresee many more hours spent in our household creating with them!

magneatos2 Guidecraft Magneatos Better Builders

productdisclose Guidecraft Magneatos Better Builders
Oppeheim Platinum Best Toy Award Winner
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