Better Homes and Gardens Wax Warmers (ScentSationals)

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bhgscentsationals Better Homes and Gardens Wax Warmers (ScentSationals) I absolutely love scenting my home in warm, homey, fragrances – especially during the Fall and Winter seasons! I usually grab a few Yankee candles from Marshalls to burn throughout the season, but I am always finding myself being extra cautious when burning them. I’ve left the house with a candle burning a few times (DOH!), so each time I forget that I have a candle burning while I’m in the house, my stomach drops. To keep from having to burn candles, I often set a candle on top of the stove whenever I’m using the oven. The heat from the oven melts the wax, slowly but surely, and adds to the aroma of whatever I’m cooking! I also use candle warmers, but it takes at least an hour to fully melt my big ol’ jar candles on a regular candle warmer.

I love the idea of Scentsy wax warmers, but I just can’t afford to buy anything from independent consultants, honestly. I’m not knocking the hustle because I used to be in the business of independent consulting, but I have a budget that I need to stick to. Walmart’s Better Homes and Gardens brand teamed up with ScenSationals wax warming products to offer wax warmers and wax cubes for about 50% less than Scentsy. As a Walmart Mom, I was able to sample the BHG ScentSationals line. I was sent the Acorn (love it) and the Classical Vase (note really a fan) warmer along with some wax cubes; Warm Crackling Campfire, perfect for our living area and Fresh Ocean Flowers, perfect for our powder room. The warmers heat up very fast. Within minutes, I can enjoy the scent of warm, inviting, home! So now that I have my warmers, maybe I can splurge on some Scentsy scents, I do hear that they last longer. We’ll see shall see. For now, I am completely satisfied :).

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BHG ScentSational warmers are available in 16 everyday and seasonal styles and 24 wax fragrances. It’s best to check out your local Walmart for these as they haven’t updated their full inventory online. Start stocking up on these now as I’m sure they’ll make great gifts!

BUY IT: Wax Warmers – $15.97, Wax Cubes – $8.97 for 4pks

productdisclose Better Homes and Gardens Wax Warmers (ScentSationals)

I am a participant in theĀ Walmart Moms program. Walmart is compensating me to share my experience with Scentsationals with you. All words and opinions are always my own.

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