A Simple Headset For Father’s Day

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For Father’s Day, we are shoved ads for golf equipment, cuff links, stuff for the grill, beer accessories, tools, shoe polish, executive pens, ties etc. Seriously? Make it stop! *shouts dramatically* I mean I guess these gifts are great for that type of guy, but my husband (Greg) has no interest in any of the stereotypical gifts pushed during Father’s Day. Is he some type of rare breed or are the marketers disregarding the 20-something dad?

Anyway, Greg would rather be gifted with something he can really use or enjoy like his favorite sub sandwiches or a video game. He’s very practical. Ok, he’d consider a geeky shirt (he just informed me).* Well, we’ve got those items covered. Subs have been purchased, we’re putting Redbox to use, and we’re narrowing down our choice for a our geeky shirt purchase. There’s something else he has been wanting though; a simple bluetooth headset for his phone, more so to use to Skype with his gaming buddies. Sooo I made sure to grab one while at Walmart this week.

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I decided to get the Plantronics Explorer Headset although my big brand radar went off and initially I reached for a Motorola headset. They both have decent reviews so I went with the cheaper headset with a curvier ear piece since Greg doesn’t like square ear pieces. Aaaand he is content!

What Father’s Day gifts are you giving this year?

P.S. I love what Amy (Greg loves Powerade), Heather (and shrimp), and Lori (and bbq) are doing!

* And no, he’s not some sandwich eatin’, video gamin’, slob – he just likes these things in moderation!

I am a voluntary participant in the Walmart Moms program. Walmart has sponsored this shopping experience. All opinions (if expressed) are my own.

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