*emera Original Quilted Camera Bag

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Since I’m trying to get a little more serious about photography, I figure it’s time to start looking looking for a few mature yet functional camera bags. See, once upon a time, I stored all of my camera accessories in a diaper bag. Yes, a diaper bag. Everything touched each other in this padless diaper bag of mine. And if I went out, I just tossed my Canon and 50mm lens in my purse. So careless and unprofessional, right?

I have since upgraded to the Original Quilted *emera camera bag – the perfect solution to my unorganized camera madness. It’s a pretty spacious bag which comfortably houses my Canon 30D (not pictured), Panasonic G1 and kit lens, Canon kit lens, Canon 50mm lens (not pictured), Sigma 70-300mm lens, Lightscoop, lens hoods, filters, batteries, memory cards, and chargers. It has removable Velcro inserts for endless storage possibilities. So if I decide to buy more equipment or even get rid of some, everything would still fit nicely in the bag.

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Inside, there’s also a compartment slot for items such as a sleek laptop (my Toughbook F8 is too hefty) and folders as well as a zippered compartment. I like to toss my memory cards and filters in the zippered space. There are two side pockets on the exterior of the bag which is perfect for mobile devices, keys, or bottled beverages. At home, I like to slide my chargers in the side pockets while uping on battery juice.

The *emera Original Quilted is a classy bag that does not scream camera bag in a world of thieves and fashion critiques. I’m loving the quilted pattern and soft leather. In my *emera, I can comfortably carry all of my camera essentials while looking super stylish. I can’t wait to pair it with the trench coat I’ve been eying for months.

BUY IT: $169

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