DanceDanceRevolution II Wii Bundle

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dancedancerevolution DanceDanceRevolution II Wii Bundle I absolutely love videos games that get me moving especially dance games. I am not all that coordinated though. I can barely play games with controllers full of buttons, so I prefer to play games where all I have to do is move my body. I’ve had the same arms and legs for 25 years. I have enough experience using them, although sometimes it may be a struggle, lol.

Konami sent me their DanceDanceRevolution II Wii Bundle for review. I was all over it since I LOVE me some dance video games. I am totally digging the game, the music selection, and the fact that I get a good workout while playing it. It truly goes to show how out of shape I am because I can barely make it through Justin Bieber’s Baby on basic difficulty mode! My only gripe is… the graphics. They are Playstation circa ’98. Not as sharp and modern as I expected, but I can look past it though. It’s all good.

dancedancerevolution2 DanceDanceRevolution II Wii Bundle

DanceDanceRevolution II Features more than 80 new songs, including some of the hottest new hits like “Beautiful Monster” by Ne-Yo, “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars, “Only Girl” by Rihanna, “Baby ft. Ludacris” by Justin Bieber, “Whip My Hair” by Willow, “Candy Girl” by New Edition, and more! There are so many modes to the game, I haven’t had a chance to figure them all out. I had no idea that I could use my Mii to dance along. I have to take a look at the manual. There’s also a Workout mode to track fitness progress and stats for achieving workout goals. Just playing on basic dance mode made me break out into a sweat. DanceDanceRevolution II will make a great gift for the casual gaming family. It certainly will be getting lots of play as I go into my regularly scheduled hibernation this Winter :).

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BUY IT: $49.99
It’s best to buy the bundle as the dance pad costs the same amount O_o.

productdisclose DanceDanceRevolution II Wii Bundle

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